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Anti-Dandruff Massage Comb Anti-Static AntiTangling Hair Brush Comb Hair

Anti-Dandruff Massage Comb Anti-Static AntiTangling Hair Brush Comb Hair

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Achieve your best looking hair with our Anti-Dandruff Massage Comb. This comb is designed to be anti-static and anti-tangling, making it easier to detangle and style your hair. Say goodbye to dandruff and hello to smooth, manageable locks. Try our comb today for a more confident and polished look.

1.Oil control: The hollow design of the comb helps to absorb excess oil from the scalp, keeping hair looking fresh and clean for longer periods of time.
2.Scalp stimulation: The unique hollow bristles of the comb provide gentle scalp massage, promoting blood circulation and stimulating emerge and grow.
3.Lightweight and comfortable: The hollow design makes the comb lightweight and easy to hold, allowing for comfortable and convenient use.
4.Easy to clean: The hollow structure of the comb makes it easy to clean and maintain, ensuring hygiene and longevity of the product.
5.Suitable for all hair types: The oil-absorbing properties of the hollow comb make it suitable for all hair types, helping to control oiliness and maintain healthy hair and scalp.

Maintenance instructions:
Due to the precision of the internal structure of the comb, it is not advisable to scrape the teeth by hand, do not drop heavy objects, avoid exposure to the sun, avoid scalding with hot water, avoid close to the heat source in order to avoid deformation, and do not place it in a humid environment for a long time, so as not to degrade the function in advance.

After combing wet hair, be sure to dry the comb and put it in a relatively cool place. The comb is made of ABS material and should not be exposed to high temperature.

Follow the direction of emerge and grow, combing from the crown to the sides, making sure that the teeth of the comb fit the scalp to maximize the effectiveness of the product.

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